GC LED Grow Lights




Greenception is one of the most promising European LED manufacturers. Based in Germany, they essentially offer an entirely new take on the LED grow light industry. The highlight of this company is that they offer an app, through which you can control all aspects of your grow light. For example, you can manipulate the distribution of spectrum to produce the appropriate color bands according to the grow phase your plants are in.

The grow lights offered by Greenception all use the COB technology, featuring CREE CXA arrays. The result is a perfect spectrum and unparalleled light penetration. These grow lights have been developed to stand as true replacements to 200-1200 HPS and MH lamps. All of the products are controllable and adjustable via Wi-Fi connection through the Greenception app.

We offer the best price in Europe for Greenception products! Check out our extensive catalog of Greenception products to find the perfect grow light for your indoor garden.

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