NEW FC-E 4800 Led Grow Light Commercial Greenhouse Medical Indoor Lamp for Veg Flower

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  • FC-E4800 Led Grow Light-FC-E4800 grow light with 2646pcs BridgeLux Diodes, market-leading 2.7 µmol/J PPE, Max 2.5g yield/watt. 480 Watt with smaller footprint for better crop quality, more cost-effective. 120x120cm for personal grow, 100x100cm for commercial grow.
  • New detachable design-Built-in removable bars interval & dimmability enable the exact dynamic PPFD control over each of plant growing stages. FC-E4800 easy-to-install detachable bars deliver uniform adjustable PPFD levels throughout plant canopy, best for more uniform Density Buds.
  • Daisy Chain Dimming FunctionEasy dimming & daisy chain max up to 30 lights. IP65 Waterproof, master light easily controlled, making it a high performance commercial grow light for enormous yields. Also perfectly suit full-cycle hydroponic, soil, grow tent/room growing.
  • Aluminum Heatsink-Detachable power supply can be mounted remotely on the side of a grow tent/rack or on adjacent wall to remove heat from grow space. real Aluminum heatsink & 6 slim profile passive cooled bars (THINNER & LARGER surface) create less heat, drop 50% in electricity bill than HID HPS lights!
  • Full Spectrum UV/IR Design-With Yield Max spectrum (660nm Osram enhanced Deep Red,2800k-5000knm,730-740nm IR,380-410nm UV LEDs), innovative design FC-E4800 LED grow lamp is designed for commercial & home horticulture. 

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